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Interactive, step-by-step lessons on topics such as reaching abundance with your personal vision of health and success,  improving body image, enhancing motivation, mindful eating practices, reducing anxiety, meal planning, how to stop obsessing about food, principles of intuitive eating, learning the basics of visualization, avoiding thinking traps and making your thoughts more helpful and more

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Original guided meditations that cultivate an intentional approach to food, body acceptance, thoughts, emotions, relationship, and healthy behaviors

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You can achieve balance, moderation and learn to listen to your body. It’s possible to stop obsessive thoughts, to end chronic dieting, to deal with your emotions without turning to or away from food, and to overcome impulsive or mindless eating. If you’re tired of food battles and negative cycles, maybe it’s time to lean in to support, incorporate positive changes and build a happier, healthier lifestyle.


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Choosing new actions that take you in the direction of the life you want is brave! Regrettably, change is not easy. While the Intentional Eating Community is not therapy or a substitute for it, it’s an effective, excellent supplement to your self-care and whole health plan. If you need specialized support for an eating disorder or other mental health concern, ask us for referrals or ask your primary care doctor or therapist for help right away.

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