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A Body Gratitude Meditation

Written by Dr. Gia Marson

(A video & audio version of this meditation is coming soon)

Go ahead and get comfortable in a chair. Allow your eyes to close gently. Allow your awareness to settle on your breath, traveling in…and out, in and out. Imagine the path of your breath as it comes in warming your body, flowing through your nose, down your throat, and into your lungs and as it flows out, taking with it any tension. Like an ocean wave, it brings in relaxation and takes away stress.

 Now let’s focus on all the ways in which you may have experienced a gift from your body lately. Let your mind create an array of images. Perhaps your body has..fought off an infection, kept you awake so you can study, rewarded you with the sight of a sunset, continued working despite pain, mastered a new physical skill, healed a bruise, gotten stronger, let you know through pain that it needs attention, allowed you to feel the touch of another person, expressed tears or provided you with the gift of laughter.

 Notice any feelings you are having as these images come into focus and fade back out. Perhaps you are feeling some positive feelings toward your body, perhaps you are feeling neutral or negative feelings. Just notice the feelings and let them be.

Now focus on one thing you appreciate–one thing you cherish or are grateful for about your body. What phrase captures this sense of appreciation? Let this phrase form in your mind now and say it to yourself. How does it feel to say it? How does it feel to hear it?

Take in a few more breaths…in and out…in and out. Perhaps you can even be grateful for that very breath that breathes itself each and every moment with any intention or effort. Take this moment to be aware of the beauty of your breath, in and out. Now slowly begin to take in the sounds around you and when you are ready, open your eyes with the intention to bring this gratitude and awareness to the present moment and the rest of your day.

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