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Intentional living: inspiring change, empowering choice!

Become your authentic self. Create a life that reflects your intentions. You already have this power. As a psychologist and integrative medicine health coach, I’ll help you harness it.

Everyone faces
difficult times

Life can be hard. And sometimes difficulties can seem like they’re piling up, with one problem leading to another and another. You might even feel totally overwhelmed from the stress of it all, with seemingly no easy way out.

Sometimes problems start to multiply as your difficulties increase

Difficult situations can cause pain that impair your mood, eating, or relationships. They can affect your ability to reach your goals. Your sense of joy or hope may even start slipping.

Dr Gia

You don’t have to
stay stuck

Change is possible when you’re open to trying something new. Between a challenging event and your response, there is a powerful space of opportunity. What you choose to do in that space and in the moments that follow can take your life in vastly different directions.

Dr Gia

Be inspired to change, be empowered to choose

Be healthy

Learn to make proactive choices that lead to your personal vision of optimal health

Feel happy

Discover what matters most to you and head in that direction

Eat well

Learn to pay attention to hunger and fullness cues, and choose foods that nourish and satisfy you.

Strengthen relationships

Find out how to build and maintain positive, supportive, and strong connections with others

Discover intentional living

I’ll support you every step of the way as you face your difficulties one by one.


When you work with me, you’ll learn how to

Pause and practice responses that help you grow

Give up habits that don’t work

Discover what it feels like to be empowered

As you make intentional choices, you’ll begin to

Move closer to your vision of health, success, and happiness


Overcoming Emotional Eating and Finding Food with Freedom: Online Course

Freedom with food is possible for you, even if it might not feel that way at this moment. Are you ready to nourish, nurture, and heal?  This self-guided, digital course can be completed on a computer or mobile app at your own pace. Let go of unhelpful eating habits by applying the psychology of eating, habits, health, and motivation to make lasting change.  Practice creates a new relationship with food and rewires your brain.

How to Overcome Binge Eating and Start on Your Path to Food Freedom ~ 

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Eat with freedom: Workbook

While you were born knowing exactly how to nourish your body, a lot can go wrong when you’re told what to eat and how to look regardless of your specific genetics, lifestyle, and preferences. Inevitably, a one-size-fits-all approach leads to frustration and failure. If you’re ready to break the cycle of disordered eating, the evidence-based and customizable eight-week program can be your ticket to a healthier relationship with food.

The Binge Eating Prevention Workbook

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