The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life

The EveryGirl’s Guide to Life

Maria Menounos asks…

Raised by working-class immigrant parents and later exposed to Hollywood’s most elite experts in every field, Access Hollywood’s, Today’s, and Nightly News’s reporter Maria Menounos reveals her EveryGirl secrets on everything: her systems to organize life, manage time, and ascend the ladder of success; her lazy woman’s workout; her weight-loss tips (how she lost forty pounds and kept it off); and her guide to styling yourself like the stars—a self-proclaimed EveryGirl, Maria often does her own hair and makeup for celebrity events.

Maria Menounos asks Dr. Marson for advice about some of life’s challenges.

“Remind yourself that your body is a means to living a meaningful life, not the goal of life. Dr. Gia Marson, psychologist”

How to Help Yourself out of the Blues…
“Obviously, life can be very hard at times. But while the blues are a normal part of life there are ways to simultaneously acknowledge the experience and take steps to feel better. To try to pull yourself out of the blues, connect with others and notice what you are grateful for. You can also use positive distraction to cope. Remember in difficult times to focus on the basics by eating well, getting enough sleep, being active, and reaching out for support.”

How to Decide if a Friend Needs Professional Help…
“Let’s assume you know there is a problem and are trying to decide how serious it is. Check three areas to decide if your friend needs professional help.

What is the duration of the problem? Does it seem as if the distress has gone on too long? Trust your instincts. If your friend does not seem to be adjusting over time to a life event of transition, professional help might be needed.

What is the intensity of the problem? Does your friend’s reaction seem to be about what you might expect? If she or he has any suicidal thoughts, enlist professional help.

What is the amount of interference is the problem causing? If whatever ails is causing a decline in functioning that is risking health, relationships, or work, it may be time for professional help.

If you decide to talk with your friend about it, here are some guidelines. Tell your friend what you are observing without making any assumptions about what your observations mean, offer to support him or her in getting help, and have resources ready. Just a thought–I don’t believe professional help is only for those who need it. Many people come to professionals to improve their already high-functioning selves.”

How to Improve Body Image…
“One way to encourage yourself to love your body is to use self-talk based in health instead of self-talk based in criticism. After all, health is a value most of us hold. In general, those who view exercise as a positive behavior that improves health, rather than as a punishment for having a body shape or size that does not match up to an ideal, stay more motivated to make sustained, positive health choices. Remind yourself that your body is a means to living a meaningful life, not the goal of life.”

How to Handle Fights Fairly…
“There are ways to fight that provide more hope for relationship repair. During fights it is best to stick with the current situation rather than bring up past problems. Also, use ‘I’ statements based in how the events make you feel because lots of accusatory ‘you’ statements tend to cause defensiveness. It is equally important to avoid saying things you don’t mean, and take a time-out if you think it would provide perspective to either of you.”